I get to work with horses and humans.  I get to watch the power of my horses move humans towards healing.  What an honor it is to be trusted while women, and men, are courageous enough to dig deep into their truth and work on their recovery journey.

Recovery takes courage, strength, and love for yourself and others to work. To dive into the process of empowering your life, you have to be brave and vulnerable. In my opinion, staying stuck is not an option. Daily we need to take action towards healing our body, mind, and soul; when we don’t, we cheat ourselves and others from growing.

How do the horses help in this process?  First, they do not listen to our minds, as we do, they listen only to our hearts.  You can’t wear a smile on your face and fool a horse. When you step into my round pen with a horse, there is no turning back to your old way of thinking, change is inevitable.

Next, once you are aware of your heart’s truth, your mind loses its power.  I have seen my horses call a clients bluff. They may be walking next to you, supporting you, then turn and walk away, or stop you in your tracks by stepping right in front of you with their body.  Showing me that you are not talking from your heart, your heart and your words are not congruent with each other. 

In my experience, I have seen people miss these signs, miss my horses “words” by simply walking around them.  They are ignoring what the horse is telling them, as we are known to ignore our feelings. When we do not listen to our hearts; we are then listening to the chatter of minds. Our thoughts are very controlling.  Your body may be telling you one thing, your mind another. By walking around our heart’s truth, as I’ve seen in my arena, we are walking around our hearts message. We have grown so accustomed to not listening to our hearts that we miss this message; my horses do not.

Horses have so much to say to us humans if we would take the time to listen.  The fact that they live in the here and now, they hold no judgment, they don’t spend time in their minds, making up stories about what could, would or should happen, they figure life out as they move through their day, minute by minute, one day at a time, One Neigh at a Time®