TC Neighs, “Trust in me when you are anxious and I will help you take away your fears.”

Coach Kathy says, “Horses have an amazing ability to relax and soften your body so that you can get to WHAT makes you so anxious, sad or depressed. They can help you find your truth.”

What does this mean? Horses can help us find our truth.

My tag line is Trust the horse ~ Trust the process

When I start to set up for your session, I choose a horse to partner with me during our discussion.

Which horse and why do I choose him or her?

There really is no magic to my method, but in my opinion, each and every horse has magic in their souls to help heal humans.

When we work together, after a short conversation about what your intention is for seeking Equine Gestalt Coaching  and why you desire the guidance of a horse and the gestalt way of recovery, we meet. You come out to the barn and begin your healing journey.

The horse that I choose is a spiritual quest. Knowing your intention, I pick the horse that I feel you will have a connection with. My choice could be because of the height, age, sex, temperament, the horses’ journey in life — or maybe, when I walked out into the pasture,  the horse walked up to me and I feel they are wanting to be my co-partner in coaching with you.

Just like us, each horse has a temperament, a personality that is unique and beautiful. For example, there are extroverts or introverts; some like to be clean, some like to be dirty; some poop in the same spot and like a clean stall, some poop wherever they are standing; some eat their grain slowly or very neatly and some make a mess the second they get their mouths in the grain, spraying it all over the place. Knowing all this about my horses helps me choose who is best for your temperament, too. As we go through our sessions, the more information I know about you, the better chance I have to pick that perfect horse to help you come to your truth in our sessions.

I will sometimes pick two horses, with totally different personalities, and swap out when I feel that one horse might help you let go of your pain or anger, your “stuff” faster and more completely.

During one session, my client wondered why she continued to drink when she prayed and knew in her heart that she wanted to stop. What makes her ignore every thought she has to be sober and grab that vodka bottle and mix up a drink. She says she even cries as shes making it, but still drinks.

I picked Baco, he’s a gelding that is very strong in his statements. He gets to the point very quickly and sometimes he is not-so-gentle. Waiting on the sideline is Holly, she is gentle, Baco is action-wise…boisterous.

He stopped this woman in her tracks, again and again. She kept going around him, she would be talking about how it upsets her to drink and he would step in front of her, she’d walk around. “I need to stop drinking,” she would say. He would stop her again. She would then talk about her heart and how when she doesn’t drink she feels better and starts to have confidence and feels that her God is with her — and during these moments, Baco walked right beside her, supporting her as she felt into her strength.

She isn’t aware of all that I am seeing as she’s talking her thoughts out with a horse, though she is starting to get annoyed with Baco for stopping her thought process. I ask, “What do you think he is telling you?” And her healing begins to come to the surface. Her heart knows what she desires, but it’s her thoughts that are winning. The more she recognizes her truth, not my views on her truth, she can start her recovery walk. She can make a plan that works for her.

She will never forget what Baco told her that day. He placed a seed of hope — with no judgment — in her heart that day.

The next visit I picked my horse Holly, she gave her the time and patience she needed to heal without shame and blame. She was able to start creating her vision for her life without drinking.

Of course, it takes courage and time to change the direction of a pathway you have created in your life, but the path can look brighter One day, One Neigh at a Time.

The medicine that my horses can give you is non-addictive, but the effects are everlasting.

My horses and I are waiting for you in the barn, schedule your free conversation call today, let’s talk about your intention and see what horse I pick for you to start your recovery journey to wellness.