Touched by a Horse Inspirational Journal

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Take note of your thoughts and personal growth in this beautiful and inspiring journal.


My mentor, Melisa Pearce, created this Inspirational Journal as a companion to the Whispers from a Horse's Heart card deck. She chose nine of her Whispers from a Horse's Heart cards with deep, meditative meanings so you can journal what is whispered on to your heart by the spirit of Equus.

The journal has nine sections, each with a different pastel color. Each section begins with a card and additional thoughts from Melisa to help you explore the theme of the card in more depth. Writing pages with accompanying prompts follow the text so you can record your own thoughts and explorations.

The Touched by a Horse Inspirational Journal features specially chosen, high grade writing paper to make your journaling experience as satisfying physically as it does spiritually and emotionally.

14 reviews for Touched by a Horse Inspirational Journal

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