Celebrate Recovery with a Prayer Pony!

One Neigh at a Time and Peace of Serenity Ranch have partnered with the Prayer Pony Mission and they have created some beautiful ponies just for One Neigh at a Time. The beauty of the Prayer Pony Mission is that every Pony is hand sewn by my amazing team of like hearted workers and volunteers in North Carolina. Every Pony is named and delivers their inspirational poem. Just as horses and humans, each pony is created to have a unique purpose and plan.

If you choose to adopt a Prayer Pony from One Neigh at a Time’s Mission, 10% of the proceeds will go directly to One Neigh at a Time to provide scholarships for individuals to attend recovery retreats and equine assisted coaching sessions.

A portion of your donation goes to sponsor those who need our Recovery Coaching services but can not financially afford them at this time. Thank you for supporting those in need and recovery!

Click on a pony to learn more and to Adopt!








Wisdom and Courage Pair

Peace and Serenity Pair

Courage Mini Pony