The Gestalt Way of Recovery


If you want recovery, YET need more clarity and healing than the traditional steps …

If you need to work the steps deeper, in a more personal level, a horse will give you support to let go of the BIG stuff…

When you step into the round pen with my horses, you will experience a sense of connection and power that only a horse can offer you…



 Ask yourself, “Is NOW a good the time to HEAL?”

Let it Go

The Gestalt Way of Recovery

Does this REALLY work?

I use the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod) and the Gestalt Coaching Method (GCM) in my practice. Gestalt is a proven therapy that was developed over 100 years ago. It is commonly applied in many mental health environments today. The Equine Gestalt Method was recently put to scientific scrutiny in a study in Colorado. 100% of the study respondents indicated that their Equine Gestalt Coaching session gave them the ability to “see a more hopeful future” and that they would participate in an EGCMethod session again if the opportunity was presented to them. The individuals in this study were homeless youth, many of which had experienced addiction. We are currently participating in another larger study of the EGCMethod and its efficacy for those in recovery. You can find more details about the Colorado study and results by visiting Touched by a Horse’s website.

I can't afford this out-of-pocket, do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance. We occasionally do offer scholarships for those in true financial need. The value of our service is truly tangible. As you well know alcohol can be expensive in many ways — financially, emotionally, spiritually. It can cost you relationships. It can cost you your physical health. It can cost you your job. It can also cost you legally. Recovery is also expensive. Detox — and repeated detoxing — take a toll on your wallet, your body and your relationships as well.  I’m sure you are very aware of all of these costs or you would not have visited this page. In the end, although the results of your coaching experience will depend on your commitment to your sobriety and embracing this new way of life, the investment in a coaching program such as The Gestalt Way of Recovery is minimal compared to the alternatives.

I don't live in Michigan, what can you do for me?

The Gestalt Way of Recovery can be very effective even without the horse sessions. I have coached many clients over the phone and a lot of the exercises and revelations can easily be completed via virtual sessions conducted using video conferencing technology. All you need is access to the internet in a private setting and a willingness to take the reins of your own recovery process. I do, however, encourage all my clients to visit us here at One Neigh at a Time for an equine session if they can. We have accommodations nearby and I offer intensive multi-day sessions for those who are interested. In addition, we hold group retreats and events several times per year.

Why invest in The Gestalt Way of Recovery when other options are free?

There are many options to support your sobriety. Sometimes, however, you need more tools to integrate into a joyful sober life. Personally, I have explored many of the options out there and discovered what I wanted — needed — was something deeper and more meaningful than what was offered. I developed the Gestalt Way of Recovery to truly personalize your new life. Each of us is different. Some need a kinder, gentler approach. Some need to embrace their sobriety through a different spiritual belief system. Yet others have faced past trauma that needs to be resolved before they can move on. The Gestalt Way of Recovery allows for you to create your own treatment plan — one that fits your needs now and grows with you One Neigh at a Time, one day at a time.