Trust in the power of your intuition.

So many times I hear a voice inside my head asking me to pay attention to something — to check on or do something — BUT my mind drowns out the voice and says, “It’s okay, you can do it later.”

When I’ve listened to my intuition — and not my crazy mind — I can feel a sense of relief in my body. The relief is still there, even if afterward, I find my hunch was off. I have to say, however, that many times my intuition was entirely spot on and I was so grateful that I listened.

My horses, which are my partners, have shown me so much when we are coaching a client. They help me recognize in another when they had a thought that was beneficial to their healing, or as I say, their truth, and are too scared or unsure to give it a voice. I have seen when the still quiet voice is allowed to speak out loud to another, the person starts moving in the direction of their recovery journey.

While being coached to become a coach, I felt Touched By A Horse. The horse allowed me to see that the direction that I was moving in was not on the path of my heart’s desire. The mindset that I, or the mindset that another had given me to believe in the past,  kept me stuck. Then, I had a moment of unspoken clarity. The horse showed up for me, giving me a chance to look clearly at the direction I was moving and to help guide me on a new path towards continued healing.

This beautiful Gypsy Cob is SD Eldorado, our stallion, healthy and kind, as we should inspire to be towards ourselves and others.

Trust and listen to your intuition, one day at a time, One Neigh at a Time.