Are you suffering from a lack of passion and purpose in your life? Do you struggle to get out of bed every day? Could you have the “How” bug? How did I get myself in this predicament, how do I get excited about living or even, how come I wake up every day, sad or depressed or hungover? Your answer could have an easy solution, create a Why.

Your why gives you a reason to be excited about your life, your why gives you a direction to step into living. Without a purpose, you lack passion, and without passion, you have no purpose. It’s a cycle. If you change nothing, nothing will change. Pull yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready to give your life a solid direction.

Your why has to come from your heart, when you talk about it, does your heart race? No one ever asked me, If you could dream big and create a beautiful life, what would it looks like, and then ask the big question, Why? Here are a couple of examples to help you get started on your Why. I drank for years, and I don’t hide that fact, I lacked my Why. Drinking became my what in life, and I thought my Why was alcohol. I felt it gave me a happy, fun experience, but the truth is, I was smiling on the outside yet I was miserable on the inside. I kept doing the same thing and getting the same result, and then I would wonder why I was so unhappy.

Holly is giving strength and courage.

When I sobered up and started my coaching career, I began to explore many options in my life and to work on what would be my Why. I picked up a few books on recovery that piqued my interest, and I listened to multiple podcasts and YouTube videos that I found motivated me. Then, I started to get excited about horses and how they heal hearts. I began the process of my Why. Why would I want to partner with healing horses? Why do I want to give others a reason for living, why would this process give my heart enjoyment. Why do I want to impact myself and others to live a purposeful life in recovery?

Once you begin your journey into figuring out what is your Why, I want you to absorb it into your being. Start by writing it down, and carrying it around with you, and you need to talk about it (only safe people who won’t tell you it’s not possible) and even speak to it, begin to manifest your dream so you can bring it to life. Challenge yourself. Start journaling as if your already living your Why. Light a fire in your soul. As you become inspired you will start to shine, others will follow, and you not only make a difference in your own life, you will give a purpose and a passion to those who follow your light.

If you’re not sure on how to find your Why, come to the barn, listen to what my horses Neigh to you. We will support and help guide you on your hearts journey of self-recovery.