“I believe that I became an addict for a reason — once I uncovered why I numbed my feeling, I was able work on releasing my fears and start choosing a new way of living. Now, as a recovery coach, I want to invite you to start a new life’s journey filled with exciting discoveries about yourself — and find a way to be grateful for the opportunity to live a sober life… to choose to be free.” — Kathy O’Connor, Certified Equine Gestalt Recovery Coach

My horses and I offer you an unique way to find your truth, to admit to yourself, in a safe place, and in the right time, that you’re powerless over your addiction.

One Neigh at a Time offers another option to counseling, our casual atmosphere relaxes you so you can safely open up and see yourself through the horses eyes.
Horses are like lie detectors, they will show you the truth in your heart.

We are ready to guide you …

If you are an addict who has admitted that you are powerless and will do whatever it takes to live a sober life you are ready…

If you understand addiction is a way of masking what’s really bothering you, and you are willing to look deep inside yourself to figure out why you become addicted, you are ready…

If you are willing to face your fears and are willing to do the work involved in letting them go, you are ready …

If you need to work through the resentment and anger holding you back from a life filled with gratitude, you are ready …

If you are looking to get closer to your spirituality, you are ready …

Come, step inside the round pen.

What we do includes more than just the addict …

Addicts have families, friends, relationships … lives. Everyone is impacted by addiction.

We strive to heal those who’s lives have been touched by an addict.

If you are a family member of an addict and living in fear..

If you are living a life of resentment and anger because of the actions of a loved one.

There is hope and there is a path that can lead to peace within yourself.

Kathy has a beautiful style of coaching. Her questions are clear and direct while holding compassion. Being a client of hers is comforting and I felt very safe. She created a safe and nurturing space for me. I walked away feeling free and clear!

Elizabeth W., Rhode Island

Call Kathy O’Connor today at 616.901.2666 to get more information about how she can assist you in your recovery!

Kathy listens with her heart and instinctively knows where she needs to go with you when you’re in the roundpen. Her calm, down to earth demeanor sets you at ease and her sharp, intuitive coaching frees your spirit.

Julie B., Colorado

Kathy, I love your timing and patience. You were 100% connected and the session was smooth and complete. You allow space to walk away with so much clarity and peace.

Debra T., Colorado

Kathy is both confident and competent. She quickly identified what needed to be done and she coached me through my session well. Thank you, Kathy, for you presence and ability to guide me through my work.

Marian B, Manitoba, Canada