This past weekend I spent a few days in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan at the West Michigan’s Women’s Expo. Thank you all who stopped by to say hello and to learn more about what the horses and I do. I love to share what I do, and as an introvert, I also walk away exhausted from the whole experience. Now, however, I am recharged and ready to work.

One of the first questions that I am asked is, “How much does it cost?” I’m a straight forward gal and like to be forthright with others. So, this question is a hard one for me to answer. My service is not like a piece of candy in the store. It IS the store. When you buy it, you are in it for the long run. There’s no finding a flavor and then walking away with a bad taste in your mouth. You either recover and have a healthy lifestyle or you walk back out the door and stay in your addiction — and your sadness and despair.

Let me ask you, “What is your recovery worth?” I realize that there are many organizations for you to choose from that offer a setting to work the “steps” with others in recovery. Being with others in recovery was a life saver for me, but I needed more. I needed to work on the reasons why I drank. I needed to work on all the “stuff” — known and unknown — in my past that I was holding onto. When I met a horse and an Equine Gestalt Coach, I was finally able to uncover those parts of my past that had lead me into my addiction. And only then was I able to step fully into my recovery.

A horse has the amazing ability to start coaching you the second you walk into the barn. As you walk up to say hello, he is already working on you, allowing you to relax, and giving you his support.

By the time we say our hellos and start getting to the coaching session, you’re already feeling the healing power of the horse in your body. Through the Gestalt process of coaching, the horses and I will help you tap into the answers that are inside your heart. We will help you discover direction and purpose for your life.

Recovery doesn’t have a price tag. I can’t tell you that it will take one session or many sessions. What I can say that our coaching process might be the nudge you need to pull yourself up onto the saddle to ride into your future with a whole new direction and purpose. Or it could take you a little longer to get off the ground by leading the horse around a bit before you’re ready to ride off into the sunset. (These are only metaphors. My coaching program doesn’t require you to ride. It is a heart-to-heart contact/connection with the horse and yourself.)

The cost of a healthy recovery is priceless.

Finding peace and serenity, following your life’s purpose, setting yourself in the right direction, getting out of your hole of despair — is there a dollar amount attached to that? I spent thousands on rehabilitation for just one month of healing. And I needed more. I needed to know what to do with myself now that I was home. I had to create a new life. And I had no idea how to do that.

The horses and I as your Gestalt coach offer you our hearts, our attention, our listening ears, and our support to help you find your way on your journey of self-discovery. Your first visit here at the barn is free. We also offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss what personal journey is right for you. Make yourself a priority. Invest in yourself. You’re worth it. We’ll see you in the barn.