I’m excited to announce that Volume 1 of my Neighdoodle Adult Meditative Coloring Book and Journal is now available! Here is my introduction to the book. You can order yours in my shop or right here on this page!

Slowly coming to, feeling the effects of the night before, my head is exploding, pounding loudly to the rapid beating of my heart. My mouth feels like a desert, dry and parched. I can feel my body starting to shake, trembling from the inside out reminding me that it’s time to feed it alcohol. I know another drink will cure me for the moment, yet also I am aware that the next bottle could kill me.

That was my life before I started my journey in recovery. My life has evolved into so much more than I ever expected, giving me the chance to travel down two separate paths in my life. On the first path, I allowed myself to believe that fun came from a bottle. I told myself that I needed a drink in order to enjoy myself. My second path is the one I am on now. I know that enjoyment comes from living an authentic life filled with great passion and a renewed sense of purpose, inspiring me to live one day at a time, One Neigh at a Time®.

In recovery, I studied and became certified as an Equine Gestalt Coach® in the Touched by a Horse® program. I partner with horses by combining their magnificent healing power with my gestalt way of recovery, to create a transformational healing journey.

I have found that recovery has many faces. I can be happy, joyous, and free; and I also recognize that living life on life’s terms can still get crazy, sad, scary, and sometimes very depressing. I have found that when I can change my focus, I can change the direction of my thoughts, and that leads to knowing that I can change my life.

What better way to change your focus than to spend time with a horse by coloring a Neighdoodle. Each and every doodle is one of our horses here at Peace of Serenity Ranch. Our horses and I hope that by expressing your creative side, you will find peace and serenity from every Neighdoodle. Each page is perforated so you may remove, frame and place your completed drawing wherever you’d like to be inspired.

Horses have whispered so many messages to my heart and have given me comfort and compassion for myself and others. I hope that as you color each image, you will be able to listen to your heart and discover your inner truth.

I knew that I had to share my horses with others. This creative tool is too powerful to keep to myself. As you fill your recovery toolbox, I would like our Neighdoodles to be your favorite go-to tool. When your mind is wandering in a direction that seems unhealthy, pick up your Neighdoodle book, and by coloring, you can refocus your attention on something healthier.

Neighdoodle Adult Meditative Coloring Book and Journal


Are you seeking peace and serenity from within? Do you love horses, but can’t always connect with the Spirit of Equus in physical form?

Neighdoodle Adult Coloring Book and Journal is filled with opportunities for experiential reflection and peaceful meditation in the form of art therapy. Take some time for yourself each day and express the colors in your heart onto a beautiful, intricate drawing. Each drawing comes with a meditative saying and question to facilitate inner connection, and an accompanying journal prompt allows your experience to manifest in words on the provided pages. Each page is perforated so you can remove, frame and place your completed drawings wherever you’d like to be inspired.