We have two little filly’s that are going on an adventure today, onward to their forever homes.  This travel will take them from Michigan to Colorado and Montana, and I will worry more then they will that they handle this transition well.

Horses live in the here, and now, both of these beautiful girls will wonder what this new adventure is; what is happening right now.  They may fight me to go into the trailer because it’s different. They may also stress about where their other barn mates are, but they will not stress about where they are going.  Their minds will not be filled with the thoughts of being safe, or will I like or be liked by their new barn friends; I have made sure they will both be in the best of care traveling and at their new homes.

We as humans, spend so much wasted time worrying about mistakes we made in our past and what does the future hold, that we miss the beauty of today.  I have taken the trip to Montana, and it is a beautiful, wonderous trip.  If I were to be in worry the entire time, I would have missed the countryside, the mountains and the fields of sunflowers, the animals hidden in the fields and mountains.  

As an Equine Gestalt Coach, I ask that my clients stay focused on the present moment, and as I stand with my equine partner, who is always in the moment, together we help you become aware of your body and how it feels and responds to what is going on outside of its awareness.  Change your minds focus on what is your hearts truth, and we feed your soul, nurture it with a passion for self-worth and self-care.

When you find your mind wondering, take a moment and refocus your attention to stay in the here and now.  My mind can take off in many directions, positive and negative, when I’m aware that I’m in the past or in the future, and it’s there often, I take a big breath in and breathe out slowly, capturing the essence of the moment; gratefulness slips in. 

Today, help me say goodbye to our two little beauties, send along with me,  rays of light and love towards them as they journey across the states, send their driver prayers to be safe and to be aware and fully present as she drives, soaking up the hills and valleys.