The Seven Neighs
Seven ways to embrace and protect your recovery.

Neigh #1

Listen to Your Heart

You have a beautiful power within you to listen to your heart. Surrender to your truth, follow your inner voice. Life is precious, let your authentic self be healed, whole and healthy.

Neigh #2

Connect to Your Divine Spirit

When your heart is open and you allow  positive energy to flow through your body, mind and soul, you can feel the energy work in unison healing your heart. Give yourself permission to live a life that has compassion and passion.

Neigh #3

Live in the Moment

Become aware of what is blocking your heart. Don’t let people, places or things come between you and your divine spirit. Let love and forgiveness be your compass.

Neigh #4

Find Your Truth

Have faith in what your intuition is telling you.  Believe and practice your internal values, figure out what feels right, beneficial and important, then follow them.

Neigh #5

Let Go of Guilt and Shame

Give your regrets and past mistakes to the spirit within and the spirit that surrounds you.  Be gentle with yourself. Live your life in the truth of who you are today, and you will walk the path of freedom.

Neigh #6

Take Time to Meditate

Stop, look and listen to the world around you. Take time to ask for guidance and wait quietly for he answers. By taking the time to listen you will hear what your heart is saying. Stay true to yourself and peace and serenity will fill your days.

Neigh #7

Share Your Whole Heart

Inspire and encourage others by living your life in the here and now. As you allow your light to shine, you can be the light that others will want to follow.