Healthy Recovery

The Seven Neighs

Seven ways to embrace and protect your recovery.

Neigh #1

Listen to Your Heart

When you listen to your heart, you can allow the sunshine to brighten your days and the beautiful flowers to bloom in your soul.  Life is precious, let your authentic self be healed whole and healthy.

Neigh #2

Connect to Your Divine Spirit

Sit and become mindful of what your divine spirit is telling you.  Ask for love, support and guidance giving yourself permission to live a life that has compassion and passion.

Neigh #3

Live in the Moment

Live each day, grateful.  If you become stressed and are filled with anxiety, take a walk, exercise, get your heart beating, filling your body with love and forgiveness, let that moment be your compass.

Neigh #4

Find Your Truth

Have faith in what your intuition is telling you.  Believe and practice your internal values, figure out what feels right, beneficial and important, then follow them.

Neigh #5

Let go of Guilt and Shame

Recognize what is your truth today, letting go of your past, become gentle with yourself. Change is what’s important, keep to your path and freedom will prevail.

Neigh #6

Take Time to Meditate

Stop, look and listen to the world around you. Take time to feel the wind on your face, notice the blooming flowers and listen to the birds chirping. Ask for peace and serenity to fill your body, mind and soul, then enjoy the moment.

Neigh #7

Share Your Whole Heart

Inspire and encourage others by living a life filled with excitement and joy.  Be a ray of sunshine by sharing a smile that comes from your heart. A hug that gives them strength, and be courageous so others will want to follow in your footsteps.

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