Make yourself a priority today. Today is the day to start a new path in your life.  Discover a journey filled with excitement.   It’s time to live a life that is not dependent on anything other than finding what makes your heart and soul happy.  One Neigh at a Time offers you a chance to change what isn’t working into a life this is working.

Create your own CUSTOMIZED Coaching Program. Choose from:

• Purposeful coaching over a 30 day period.
• Your own private retreat over a four-day period with coaching and activities every day.
• Intensive coaching over a two-day period with longer sessions and accelerated results.

Recovery is a very personal process and everyone goes at a different pace. I can help you on a timeline that works with your schedule and situation. Each of the above custom coaching programs provides you with:

• One-on-One time with the horses and me.
• Private time at our facility to journal, meditate, breathe, and/or process in a safe place.
• Access to the horses during non-coaching business hours (by appointment if you’re not staying onsite or nearby).
• Unlimited email access to me for the duration of your coaching program.
• An aftercare phone coaching session.

What I Recommend: 30 Day Coaching Program Discover your awesome new journey and experience a totally new concept in recovery. Together, we will embark on a month of discovery into healing. You will have the opportunity to experience what its like to be coached by the healing power of our horses. You will also have total access to me as a recovery coach— which means that we will explore your everyday trials and tribulations. We will work together to better understand your personality; learn new tools to approach lives challenges; set goals and create a vision that will excite your soul.

Watch this inspirational video on Kathy’s 30 Day Program.


This program includes Equine Gestalt Recovery Coaching. This means you will be working directly with a horse. As a matter of fact, you will be partnered with one of our beautiful horses for the entire 30 day program — you will be able to connect and bond with your equine partner. This makes your 30 day experience even deeper — once you’ve experienced the support of a horse, you will find a foundation you can carry with you into your future. BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULT CALL NOW TO LEARN MORE! [click]

More about  how our sessions work …

Coaching via Phone:  Do you feel like your life is spinning out of control, push the stop button and let’s design a plan that focuses on a future that entices you to create a dream that makes your palms sweat and your heart beat with excitement.  Start spinning at a speed that gives you the control, not a person, place or thing.

Coaching via Horse:  Sessions are held in the barn arena. You need not have horse experience because we do not ride the horses.  Like humans, each of our beautiful horses have a unique personality; they want each of us to get out of our heads and into our hearts.  During a personalized coaching session, I either help you to become aware of what’s heavy on your heart and the horses help release it or the horses help you find your awareness and I help you release it.  We work together so you can live an empowered life.

Coaching via Gathering:  Discussing life problems in the safety of a group of like-minded individuals is powerful.  Having the presence of a horse to hold space for you while you drop all your troubles at their hoofs is freeing.  You’ll leave the arena lighter and ready to become all that you were meant to be.  Our horses love to listen to your heart. Come share with them.

Are you a recovery therapist, recovery facility administrator, or school counselor?

Discovery Experiences at One Neigh at a Time

We know horses can change lives, but it’s not always so easy to explain exactly how that change happens. It makes a huge difference when you are able to experience first hand the healing power of a horse. To help those who help others, we offer a Discovery Experience Day.

Discovery Experience days are currently offered at no cost to organizations such as rehab facility administrators, recovery program administrators, schools administrators/counselors, and individual therapists interested in partnering with One Neigh at a Time in a co-facilitated program featuring Kathy and her horses. Kathy’s coaching services are the perfect compliment to therapists and counselors whether it’s a one-time visit or an ongoing series of sessions. Horses have a way of bringing deep feelings to the surface and offering profound change in a very short space of time. They also have an uncanny way of prodding people out of places where they have become “stuck” or complacent.  A Discovery Experience is the perfect way for you — as therapist, counselor or administrator — to explore the possibilities and the impact Kathy and her horses might offer your clients.

Serenity in a Barn

Join Kathy and the horses for an amazing discovery journey to healing and happiness! Click here to get more information on!