SD Taking Care of Business | Photo by Samantha Dawn

TC Neighs, “I read energy that radiates from your body, as I do with my fellow horses. We, horses, communicate with our energy. You can’t put a smile on your face and fool me as you might your Neighbor. During a session with us, my co-coach, Kathy Slagter, Master Gestaltist, she watches ME and listens to YOU.  When you are in your truth, I feel the emotion, energy, I then make a move that alerts Kathy to pay attention.  Sometimes our Bodies feel differently than the words suggest, it’s now Kathys job to catch and ask the right questions. That’s the magic of Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.  WE work together to helpYOU to become aware of when your unbalanced.  Your truth might not match your words. Most often this is not done on purpose, most humans are so familiar with what they Believe they Should say instead of what is their honest heartfelt truth.  It’s magical when our support and encouragement allows you to spill out what you have held onto so tightly in your heart, yet have been afraid to voice out loud. That’s when awareness begins and healing flows. If I hadn’t noticed the energy within your body change, with only a thought, you might still be stuck in the stuck stage of your recovery.  Without awareness, there can be no healing, you would have stayed in your pain, as you have many other times you may have told the same story to another.  Were pretty spectacular when my coach and I are in sync.”