You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.

Napoleon Hill

We and our herd of horses are welcoming a new member into our family. He is a Mini Gypsy Vanner, whose proper name is SD Apache. But we get to call him Patchy. He is white with small patches of brown and black on his body. His long journey started with lots of love and pampering from Rebecca Armitt @ SD Farms in the United Kingdom. His destination — Peace of Serenity Ranch, the home of One Neigh at a Time.

How does a horse get from the U.K. to the U.S.? He took an airplane, landing at the JFK airport in New York City. From there he was transferred to a farm that hosts animals who travel into or out of the US, where he was quarantined for a couple of days. Then Patchy had a nice ride from NYC to Alto, Michigan.

He was such a trooper. Arriving on a rainy night, all of our other horses were in the barn, housed for the night. He walked off the trailer like he owned the place. He had no anxiety, he didn’t dance around all nervous, didn’t “poop” (that’s what horses do when they’re nervous), but strutted out and was excited to run around and stretch his legs in the arena.

We can learn a lot from a horse. I would have been all anxious and worried. Would I be accepted? Will they like me? Where will I sleep? Will they feed me what I like to eat? Not Patchy. His smallness (12-hands), didn’t seem to matter. He was powerful and confident on the inside.

As we introduced him one by one to the other horses in the pasture, he ran and stuck his nose out to smell and say hello. It didn’t matter to him if it was our biggest 16-hand horse or the 1-year old colts, he took on the task full of strength and courage. Never once backing down, he even turned his butt around to tell them he wasn’t afraid.

He has been pastured with our babies and a 2-year old gelding and he is settling in well. He likes to talk, nicker, and neigh to us as we walk up. He must be an extrovert.  You can learn more about equine personality traits at my mentor’s website!

I have learned another lesson from a horse. Living in the moment, not stressing about the whats, ifs, and buts of life, offers you peace and serenity (hence our ranch name).  When I am confident inside, my outside shows it. When I stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and live in the moment, each moment becomes more enjoyable.  Because Patchy had no anxiety, I was able to truly enjoy his arrival. If he had reared up and stomped around, I’m sure I would have gone into a state of anxiety myself. I would have felt like he was saying the trip was awful! How could you have done that to me? But NO, he was an angel.

As my coaching partner, I see Patchy as an angel who will awaken in others their inner strength. He will empower you to believe in yourself. He’ll reassure you and guide you to be all that you are created to be. You are the master of your destiny. You hold the power to create your own journey.

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