With courage and joy I stepped way out of my comfort zone and walked in my hometown parade, advertising right on my shirt that Recovery Happens and spreading the word about Equine Gestalt Recovery Coaching. I shouted to the world that I am in recovery and that I have a coaching business that I believe will help others to “Let it go.”  What does that mean? How can I help others? And what in the heck do the horses and I do?

IMG_1652As I was walking in the hot sun, handing out a picture of one of our horses with the serenity prayer on it, I was asked what I did. I discovered that having a quick answer that explains the process of coaching with horses is not easy.   In my hometown, life coaching is somewhat new and coaching with horses is a completely new concept.

Spurring interest is easy. Who doesn’t want to spend some time around horses?  It’s the idea that they will help guide your recovery process to a new level that is mind-boggling.  Let me explain. When you spend time in the presence of a horse, through the coaching process, I can help you become aware of what’s heavy on your heart — and the horses will help you let it go. Or sometimes the horses are the ones who help you become aware and I will be the one to help you release it. The horses and I work together.

What does all that mean? Horses are such amazing animals. You really have to be in their presence to experience what it’s like to be seen by them and to understand the power of their coaching.  When they trust that what you’re saying is coming from your heart, not your head, they respond in a way that tells me that what you’re saying is from your heart. That it’s your truth.  As we work together, you’ll be able to get to what’s really holding you back from moving forward in your life.

IMG_1651I’m not a horse whisperer, though I wish I were. As coach, I promise to fully listen to you.  I will ask questions that get you out of your head, so you can find answers that are hidden within your heart.  Then we sort through your thoughts and come up with empowering ways for you to move forward.

That was a new concept for me in the beginning of my learning experiences in the Touch by a Horse program.  As I worked through all my past resentments, guilt, shame and problems, I was able to “let it go.”  Having my coach and the horses truly listen to me; by being in the arena with the horses, made it a gentler, kinder way of facing my past and leaving it there, allowing me to discover my new exciting journey.

Why do you even need to look at your past? Can’t it just stay there? The answer for me was “No!”  I needed to forgive myself for my past mistakes. Looking at them face to face allowed me the freedom I needed to put it all behind me, so moving forward was possible. I have been nudged, pushed, blocked and even hugged by a horse, which showed me that what they felt was my truth. When your heart is excited, the horse feels it, and you, too, will feel like a horse whisperer.

I hope this explains to those of you who were still wondering what the horses and I do. Of course the easiest way to learn what we do is to experience it for yourself.  Are you ready to feel the power of Equus? I welcome you to the One Neigh at a Time adventure.