Season’s Greetings from our horses’ hearts and mine to your heart.  Our wish for you is that you celebrate the season with spirits of joy and peace.  In my past, I celebrated with spirits of alcohol, today I celebrate by living a life that’s full of giving and receiving blessings big and small. Christmas in recovery is a blessing, my Christmas list of gratitude is long.  I have written to  Santa, asking him to bring sobriety to you or your loved ones.  Spread joy and peace all around the town. My horses and I hope you enjoy working the steps One Neigh at a Time: Seven Holineigh’s  from our horses’ hearts to your hearts: Neigh #1:  Listen to your heart. No matter what the holidays may throw at you, stay true to yourself and let your heart lead you to the right choices. Neigh #2:  Connect to your Divine Spirit. When the stress of the holidays makes you feel tense and anxious, take 3 deep healing breaths and ask your divine spirit for help. Neigh #3:  Live in the moment. When the joy of the season fills you, celebrate the moment. Stop and say thank you! Neigh #4:  Live your truth. Live your values and follow your intuition. Choose to take your own path, not the way of others. Neigh #5:  Let go of guilt and shame. When someone reminds you of your past, tell yourself that you are making different choices today. Find a trustworthy soul to talk with and give yourself praise for the changes you are making today. Neigh #6:  Take time to meditate. The hustle and bustle of the season may get overwhelming. Take a moment alone to quiet your head and silence your thoughts. Turn off all your noisemakers and concentrate on the silence. Repeat whenever needed. Neigh #7:  Share your whole heart. Create a new tradition this holiday season by being an inspiration to those around you. Walk in love. Others will follow your lead as you walk in grace. Sharing your whole heart is all you’ll need for true happiness. Let it be Christmas in your hearts, spreading joy and peace everywhere.  My horses and I will be waiting in the barn bundled up, and ready to help you in any way that we can.  Happy HoliNeighs!