By connecting to my divine spirit, I feel a guiding power of strength, courage, and love within my body, mind, and soul.

By connecting to my divine spirit, I feel a guiding power of strength, courage, and love within my body, mind, and soul. Learning to trust this connection has been one of the greatest gifts in my recovery. It’s also a very personal subject for me. I hold my divine spirit, which I call God, close to my heart. My recovery journey started with so much doubt and anger toward my God. How could He really love me and allow me to become an addict? When I put my heart and soul into recovery, I began to open up my heart and feel the energy surrounding me with peace, hope, and faith. I started to feel a connection that began to heal my heart.

I was taught to never talk politics or religion because everyone has their opinion and it’s just better to stay away from those topics! So, please understand, I am not talking religion. I’m talking about a connection. However you choose to go about connecting to a divine spirit is your personal journey. I don’t believe there is only one way of connecting to a higher spirit. The horses are our guides. They simply want us to connect with a spirit that brings light, peace, and love.

The horses want us to open our hearts to love and to love who we are today. They hold no judgment and support us in not judging ourselves. Living in judgment stops us from shining and keeps the light from filling our hearts. Each moment is a moment to let light shine into your heart and fill it with compassion for yourself and others. Find the passion to love yourself, as you want to be loved by others.

I started the spiritual journey of recovery in my third stage of life. My first stage was childhood. I went to church because my parents told me to. But I never really took in the messages or absorbed any form of spirituality. In my second stage I still didn’t grow spiritually and, if anything, I moved farther away from any faith in a divine spirit. When I became addicted, I felt punished by God and certainly didn’t feel any love from Him. My heart was lost and didn’t even know what it felt. I was too sick to feel love for myself. And looking to a divine spirit within was not even an option — at least that’s what I thought

Neigh #2… Connect to your divine spirit. When your heart is open and you allow positive energy to flow through your body, mind, and soul, you feel the energy healing your heart. Give yourself permission to live a life of compassion and passion.

As I started to heal, I started to feel whole. The spiritual hole inside my heart started to fill in and grow. It didn’t happen overnight. I questioned my direction and wanted signs or proof.  What I got was peace and serenity and love and light growing inside me. It started as a very small flame. The flame ignited and now I know that the more I reach within for strength, the more powerful I feel and the brighter the light shines.

The horses neigh. . .walk towards the light and remember that every time you step back into the darkness, you are not trusting the process. Follow your heart and connect to your divine spirit. Our horses and I will be waiting and opening our hearts to help you heal yours. See you in the barn!