“Thank you again for such a meaningful introduction to your services today. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Your compassion and empathy are truly inspiring. Just in my experience today, I have a deeper understanding of the healing power horses have on the human spirit! Thank you for giving me that.”

Alisa Williams, Foundations Recovery Network

How does a horse have healing power on the human spirit? The beauty of partnering with horses in my coaching, is that together the horses and I work with your energy. I read the energy within your words and the horses read the energy within your body. As you are able to open up and release emotions, whether they be excitement or sadness, depression or passion, the horses respond.

I was honored to have Alisa here this week. We talked about the Foundations Recovery Network (www.foundationsrecoverynetwork.com) treatment facilities around the United States for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues. We talked about how One Neigh at a Time would be able to help in providing aftercare support as a pathway to recovery. She was gracious enough to step into the round pen with Holly and experience Equine Gestalt Coaching.

Holly, our beautiful 26-year old quarter horse, stood with Alisa, giving her the support she needed to appreciate both the sensitive and strong parts of herself. Holly stood next to her, allowing her to work through her emotions and giving her permission to honor and thank her authentic self.

She said she felt listened to, and commented on how nice it was to not feel rushed with her thoughts. She was not given an opinion or an answer, or as many of us want to give, a quick fix, but was allowed to work through her thoughts herself at her own pace. The horses know who you are before you do. They see us and hear us and, when we are being true to ourselves, they meet us halfway. They patiently wait for us to align with them.

Physically horses are huge, some weighing as much as 1800 pounds. You might think that to have such a big horse next to you might be intimidating, but it’s not, not in the moment. You aren’t thinking about their size. When you give them your heartfelt thoughts, they respond by giving you their hearts. You walk away with less stress and more clarity towards your life’s challenges.

When I go to these gentle creatures, they never come to me with a fight. And their message is priceless, as long as I listen. When I “Gestalt myself,” which means I work through my thoughts and talk my problems out with a horse, I leave the problems on the arena floor. Then I am free to work towards clearer resolution.

Thank you again, Alisa, for visiting Peace of Serenity Ranch. I look forward to my visit to Skyway in Augusta, Michigan, and forming a lasting working relationship with Foundations Recovery Network. Our horses will be ready to listen and will be excited to see new friends in the barn very soon.