“You have to color outside of the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece.” ~ Albert Einstein

Many of us as children were told to stay inside of the lines while coloring a picture. For some kids that was really easy and for some others a challenge. Staying within the lines felt so limiting and small. Growing up I never thought of myself as a creative person. Today I look through a different lens and see that my creativity is expressed when I use the space outside of the lines.

I can create a big and beautiful vision. And I’ve learned that in order for it to manifest, I need to ask for help. When I go it alone my vision can lose its color and flop. I develop a plan to make it happen. I picture the outcome. And then, for one reason or another, in the end nothing goes as planned.

There’s a joke about how a mom saw a SpongeBob cake and wanted to make it for her child. The result was that it turned out flopping on one side, the middle caved in, the frosting colors all ran into each other and it looked like a disaster. And the quote says “Nailed it!”  That describes pretty well how I find myself many times when I don’t remember to ask for help.

My personal job is to believe in the motto that “Nothing happens by mistake, and make the best of a situation.”  Don’t force an outcome because you felt you had to stay inside the lines. Always be thinking outside of the box.

The drunk Kathy colored outside of the lines, but she took the crayons and just pressed hard on the paper and scribbled.  I made a mess, because I had a mindset that I didn’t give a crap; that I wasn’t participating in life to create a masterpiece. I was in it to party. Even back then I was telling myself that what I was doing was beautiful. But the outcome, in fact, was a mess.

Recovering Kathy now recognizes that she has a very creative mind and that to create her masterpiece she needs to ask for help. That help can come in many different forms. I ask God for help every day in my personal life. I ask my boyfriend for help with the care and maintenance of the horses and the property. I ask for help in creating my business, be it is designing my online presence, creating my blog or balancing my balance sheet. I ask for help to set my crazy mind at ease, turning to my friends, coaches and sponsors. Usually I discover that listening is root of the problem, so I ask for help to learn how to listen better, too.

When I give myself permission to express my creative side and to color outside the lines, I’m also inviting a myriad of possibilities to spawn something even bigger and better than I had envisioned. When I ask for help, I create the optimum environment to manifest my life masterpiece.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to draw outside of the lines? When have you asked for help when you had a wonderful idea and weren’t sure how to pull it off? When was the last time you felt such gratitude and joy because you brought an idea into reality?

I’m grateful today to be having so much fun drawing outside of the lines.  Every day I’m making choices that are essential to creating my life masterpiece!